Pest Alerts

June, 2015

Tent Caterpillars

Here is a link to the life cycle and biological control.WSU page – Tent Caterpillars

March 22, 2015

IPM Pest Traps

This is the place that Steve Butler mentioned in the last club Penninsula Fruit Club meeting about getting BMSB traps. There are lots of other insect management items there as well.

March 22, 2015

Stink bug ID

This is a short publication on identifying different stink bugs (at the end is BMSB – Brown Marmarated Stink Bug) –

March 5, 2015

This alert from the Kitsap County Master Gardeners/WSU Extension

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug brought into MG Office Clinic This Month
Please be aware that this pest is now confirmed in Kitsap County. MG Arlene West was able to correctly identify the stink bug earlier this week and Jenny Glass at the Puyallup lab confirmed the ID and sent along this information to the client. You’ll want to familiarize yourself:

The specimen was a stink bug.  Antennae were missing so this complicates figuring out the exact type of stink bug but pictures of the insect were sent to Dr. Michael Bush, who is running a stink bug survey for WA, and he was pretty certain that the stink bug is the exotic species brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB).   We have been receiving numerous BMSB from the Puget Sound region in the past few months indicating that the population is becoming established here.

Size, coloration, and smooth shoulders suggest that this stink bug found in Bremerton is a brown marmorated stink bug.

Main issue will be that if they are indoors, they are a nuisance when alive and very very very very smelly when dead. Outside they can feed on a variety of plant hosts.

See the PNW Insect Management Handbook entry at

or our WSU Pest Watch:

WSU Pestsense management advice for homeowners:   (namely seal up gaps and prevent them from getting inside).

Jenny Rebecca Glass, Plant Diagnostician WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory,

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