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Cider Making!! October’s Meeting Topic

Tis the season for cider making!!! We are very excited to have Tom Mueller return to speak to the fruit club about the craft of cider making!!
Yes in deed! Tom is an extreme home cider maker and has graciously agreed to return as a guest speaker to share his expertise and trial & errors with us again!

Day – Thursday October 19th
Time – 6:30pm
Location- Downstairs at the Bainbridge Grange on Madison Ave. (10340 Madison Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110)

Tom’s bio —
Tom has been home brewing, making cider and fruit wines for 20 years (when he first moved to Bainbridge). He has been involved in backyard fruit growing and was on the board of Western Washington Fruit Growers Foundation for two years. There they worked with WSU in Mt. Vernon to grow various types of fruit trees and bushes to see what worked best in our climate.

Tom plans on talking to us about how he got into making cider and how he learned the process. He’ll go thru the equipment needed and go over the basic recipe for making cider. He’ll talk about various apple and pear varieties that have worked for him and how to mix different varieties to get more complex ciders. He’ll also tell us what works and he’ll share some of his failures and surprises!

Can you tell we’re excited?!
See you then!

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September’s Club Meeting & Garden Tour Sept 17th

The Bainbridge Island Fruit Club’s September meeting is Sunday the 17th!

Yes it’s a garden tour and boy-oh-boy is it!  Take a look at the intensive list of fruit trees and plantings Bill has in the list below.
This is a terrific learning opportunity to see what plants work first hand from Bill.  I anticipate learning about the strengths and weaknesses of the plants.  Which ones work best for preserving or eating fresh… the possible questions are up to us!!
  • Sunday September 17th at 2pm.
  • Location – contact us on FaceBook – Bainbridge Island Fruit Club or
Feel free to bring some fruit or veggie samples from your garden to share with the club!
Common name                                                          Scientific name
Apple akane                                                                 Malus pumila
Apple liberty
Apple wealthy
Crabapple centennial
Apricot puget gold                                                       Prunus armeniaca
Aronia                                                                          Aronia melanocarpa
Banana Sikkim                                                            Musa Sikkimesis
High bush cranberry                                                   Viburnum trilobum
Calamondin                                                                 Citrofortunella microcarpa
Calamondin variegated
Cherry x plum delight
Cornelian cherry dogwood red                                    Cornus mas
Cornelian cherry dogwood yellow
Oriental dogwood                                                        Cornus kousa
Fig desert king                                                             Ficus carica
Fig brown turkey
Fig lattarula
Fig stella
Fig neveralla.
Fig vashon violet
Chilean guava                                                              Myrtus ugni
Pineapple guava                                                          Feijoa sellowiana
Jefferson hazelnut                                                       Corylus avellana
Yamhill hazelnut
Dorris hazelnut
Gamma hazelnut
York hazelnut.
Tonda di giffoni hazelnut
Chilean wine palm                                                       Jubea chilensis
Guadeloupe palm                                                        Brahea edulis
Jelly palm                                                                     Butia capitata
Improved Meyer lemon                                                Citrus meyeri
Bearss lime                                                                  Citrus latifolia
Medlar Breda giant                                                       Mespilus germanica
Olive arbequina                                                            Oleo europea
Paw paw campbells no. 1                                            Asimina triloba
Paw paw taylor
Paw paw Pennsylvania golden
Paw paw taytwo
Paw paw davie
Asian pear shinseki                                                     Pyrus serotina
Asian pear combo
Asia pear chojuro
Bosc pear                                                                    Pyrus communis
Persimmon izu                                                             Diospyros kaki
Persimmon saijo
Green gage plum                                                         Prunus species
Hollywood plum
Methley plum
Beauty plum
Duarte plum
Shiro plum
Tokay plum
Pomegranate                                                               Punica granatum
Flowering quince red scarlet                                        Chaenomeles speciosa
Flowering quince double orange
Sansho                                                                         Zanthoxylum piperitum
Sea buckhorn                                                               Hippophae rhamnoides
Service berry                                                                 Amelanchier alnifolia
Sichuan pepper                                                            Zanthoxylum simulans
Yuzu                                                                              Citrus junos
Common name                                                          Scientific name
Akebia                                                                        Akebia quinta
Blueberry                                                                   Vaccinium species
Currant primus white                                                 Ribes species
Gooseberry hinnonmaki yellow
Guomi                                                                       Eleagnus multiflora
Gogi                                                                          Lycium barbarum
Evergreen huckleberry                                             Vacinium ovatum
Red huckleberry                                                        Vacinium parvifolim
Honeyberry                                                               Lonicera caerulea
Bay laurel                                                                  Laurel nobilis
Kiwi Arctic beauty                                                      Actinidia kolomikta
Kiwi fuzzy                                                                  Actinidia deliciosa
Kiwi ken’s red                                                            Actinidia arguta
Magnolia vine                                                            Schisandra chinensis
Wasabi                                                                      Wasabi japonica

September’s Meeting announcement coming soon.

September’s meeting will be another garden tour! It’s planned for Sunday, September 17th at a club member’s garden.  This is a garden we have NOT visited before so that will be exciting.  We’ll probably also do some fruit sampling while there too.  More to be posted shortly!


August 24th Fruit Club Meeting and Garden Tour

Our August Fruit Club Meeting is definitely going to be a fun one!!

Jim is calling it his “Underground Garden Tour” because he will take us on a tour of his garden with a focus on the importance of soil. …Then Darren will demonstrate how to do summer bud grafting, and to top it all off it’s a potluck!

Here is what Jim says –

Join us on August 24th at 6pm. Email us for directions at: We’ll be digging down to learn how to do a quick soil evaluation, we’ll roam the landscape an see what the plants are telling us about what it is they’re growing in, and how to do a correct soil sample for getting a professional soil test done to see what you’ve got to work with – and what’s missing.

When we’re worn out from slinging all that dirt, our Club President, Darren Murphy, will be demonstrating how to do a summer bud graft on one of the trees to start adding variety to your fruit trees at home without having to add any actual trees!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be having a potluck picnic to celebrate summer. Jim has a grill available if anyone wants to cook anything.
Bring something to share and be ready to learn!

June’s Club Meeting is on Blueberries!

You asked for it! You got it!
We are fortunate to have a Pam Sinclair speak to us this month about Blueberries. Pam will present an overview of growing blueberries – how to select, grow (soils, pH, watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc.) and the common problems blueberry growers face.
Pam is a longtime nursery person, a certified professional horticulturist and garden educator. She has taught college level soil and plant ID classes, and does a series of basic gardening classes for Valley Nursery in Poulsbo each spring. She has also been published in several national gardening publications.
Pam has been operating a landscape design and consultation business for the past 25 years, GardenGal Designs. She was a longtime resident of the north Seattle area then moved to Kitsap about 10 years ago living in Indianola on the beach for most of that time. She moved to Bainbridge last year. Pam says, “I garden with the help of a loveable but clueless Cocker spaniel and a very helpful, hunting cat. Just wish he was big enough to keep the deer out of the garden!!” “I love talking about plants …any kind!”.

  • Location – Bainbridge Island Grange, 10340 Madison Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (Downstairs)
  • Date & Time – Thursday, June 15, 2017, 6:30 – 8:30pm PDT

The Good Fruit Grower Magazine has a ‘good’ 🙂 article archived in the March 2017 edition called – Don’t Invest in Unwanted Growth. Young Trees Can Benefit from Pruning in the Summer.”  Yay!  Now I don’t have to feel guilt ridden by not pruning in the cold spring months!


May’s Club Meeting is Permaculture!

Hi There Fruit Club!

Here is the low down on May’s club meeting…Permaculture!! Or as our speaker, Scott James says… ‘The (Mis)adventures in Permaculture: A Decade of Fun and Fruit’. Scott says, “It all started with a peach tree…a welcome-to-the-world gift from a neighbor when my little girl was born…”.

Scott plans to talk about– what permaculture is, how he got into it, the benefits of permaculture and maybe some trial & error stories followed by Q&A time.

Please join us for this lively discussion!

  • Our meeting (as usual) is the third Thursday of the month, May 18 at 6:30pm.
  • Downstairs at the Bainbridge Island Grange– 10340 Madison Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

*Note our new Grange location is at street level entrance on the north side of the building.

Scott James Bio—
BusinessWeek named Scott as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs and Forbes Magazine profiled him as a Game Changer.

The products from his companies have been featured in publications as diverse as Oprah’s O Magazine, National Geographic, Parents Magazine, the Washington Post, Outside Magazine, and US News & World Report. His film projects range from the opening shorts at the United Nations Climate Change Summits (Producer Lyn Lear and Director Louie Schwartzberg) to the breakthrough nature-based series on Netflix (title series: “Moving Art”).

Scott was awarded a Governor’s Award of Excellence in Service by the state of Washington for his nonprofit community preparedness work. His related book – Prepared Neighborhoods – is in the publication process now. Scott’s training includes permaculture, Transition Towns, CERT, as well as mindful movement techniques such as MovNat and yoga…all of which tend to be reflected in his work. Details at

I hope to see you there!