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BIFC November Meeting: Let’s make some cider!

Tis the season for cider making!!! We are very excited to have Tom Mueller return to speak to the fruit club about the craft of cider making!!
Yes indeed! Tom is an extreme home cider maker and has graciously agreed to return as a guest speaker to share his expertise and trials & errors with us again!

Day – Thursday November 15th
Time – 6:30pm
Location- Downstairs at the Bainbridge Grange on Madison Ave. (10340 Madison Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110)

Tom has been home brewing, making cider and fruit wines for 20 years (when he first moved to Bainbridge). He has been involved in backyard fruit growing and was on the board of Western Washington Fruit Growers Foundation for two years. There they worked with WSU in Mt. Vernon to grow various types of fruit trees and bushes to see what worked best in our climate.

Tom plans on talking to us about how he got into making cider and how he learned the process. He’ll go thru the equipment needed and go over the basic recipe for making cider. He’ll talk about various apple and pear varieties that have worked for him and how to mix different varieties to get more complex ciders. He’ll also tell us what works and he’ll share some of his failures and surprises!

Can you tell we’re excited?!
See you then!

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BIFC October Meeting

The BIFC is JAMMIN’ this month!

We are EXTREMELY lucky to hear from Kerrie Sanson, sole proprietor and creator of Preserve, a regular at the B.I. Farmers’ Market. Kerrie got her training at Quillisascut Farmstead Cheese & School of the Domestic Arts in Rice Washington and is a WSDA Licensed Food Processor. Among her recent gigs she was a cook at Marche and executive chef at Hey Day Farm where she did a lot of the ‘back-stock’ canning to accommodate the copious amounts of produce coming off the farm. Now, through Preserve, she works with local farmers to gather the freshest produce and sustain their flavor long after the season has passed.

If you want to learn what to do with your own fruit and vegetable excess and learn more about the techniques, equipment, sanitation, and developing your own unique preserves by adding herbs and liquors, then do not miss this meeting!

As always, make sure to bring your questions for Kerrie or to talk about with the club in Fruit Chat!

And then there’s apples. Why are there so many apples? Find out what your apples are capable of at November’s meeting when Tom Mueller talks about cider making.

Bainbridge Island Fruit Club October Meeting
When – October 18, 2018 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Where – Bainbridge Island Grange Hall (Downstairs), 10340 Madison Ave NE.

See you there!

August 16th Meeting- Garden Tour at Darren’s!!

• Date: Thursday August 16th
• Time: 6pm-8pm
• Location: 762 Klickitat Place, NE, Bainbridge Island.
Map Link Here

Once every few years we get to see the changes in Darrens’ abundantly-prolific garden. This year is the year!! Though as usual he as plans for us while we are there! 🙂

Darren has potted all the extra apple rootstock from the spring show…so folks will be able to graft a small tree to take home! He also has some potted pear root stock from last year. He is asking folks to pay $5 dollars for the potted rootstock. (He will also have potted Desert King fig and various varieties of grape starts…for those that are interested…also for $5 dollars). These monies go to supplying club speakers and maybe one day an overhead projector! 🙂

In addition, Darren will have cuttings from the various varieties from his orchard…though people can bring their own for grafting too. The cuttings should comprise of this year’s new growth…and include a number of leaf buds (not larger fruit buds). It is the leaf buds that we will be using to graft onto the stems of the potted rootstock.

Here is a description of Darren’s yard — “I have about 40 fruit trees…comprising multi-grafted apples, pears, and plums…as well as various varieties of pears, peaches, grapes, and kiwis. My yard is totally loaded with fruit this year…so folks will be able to see and taste a good selection. Overall, I have easily 200 varieties of fruit…maybe more”.

Attendees are also encourage to bring some fruit samples…for sharing/tasking among the group.

July’s Fruit Club Meeting, 7/19/18-Summer Fruits and Pest Controls

Happy July, Bainbridge Island Fruit Club!

This month’s meeting will be on Summer Fruits and Pest Controls. …Right on time to save our wonderful fruits from those wiggly awful bugs!

The meeting will focus on the fruits of early summer (e.g., berries, cherries, peaches, and plums), with attendees encouraged to bring samples for tasting. Darren will also go over some of the best plum varieties for the Puget Sound area as well as common pests (large and small) that effect summer fruit and low-cost techniques for managing them.

Darren says he’s looking forward to this topic …because he has sort of specialized in testing various plum varieties to see what works and what doesn’t in our climate over the last 20 years. He already have some plums ripening…and with the warm weather coming up…we should have even more for our meeting. Yum.

  • Meeting Date – Thursday, July 19th
  • Location – Bainbridge Grange Hall at 10340 Madison Ave NE. Bainbridge Island, WA
  • Time – 6:30-8:30pm

We’d love to see you all there!

April 19th’s Fruit Club Meeting – Edible Weeds with Kathryn Lafond

Hello Fruit Club and Friends!!

Our April’s Fruit Club Meeting is one we received a lot of interest about hearing, edible weeds. Wise Woman Herbalist, Kathryn Lafond author of ‘Seasoned With Gratitude’, Recipes and Blessings Celebrating the Greater Nourishment of Real Food will be our speaker this month.   Her bio is below.

We meet the third Thursday of every month. This month’s meeting will be Thursday April 19th, from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm at the Bainbridge Grange Hall at: 10340 Madison Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

We hope you will join us to hear this timely topic as our gardens, fields and forests are springing forth with life.  Everyone is welcome.
Questions?  Post on our Facebook page: Bainbridge Island Fruit Club on Facebook

Plant Related Discussion:

  • Introduction – The Importance of the Wild Plants
    • Why relationships matter
  • Common Spring Plants to Northwest Properties
    • Allies or Enemies
    • Qualities that improve our lives
  • Sampling – As food, as drink, as medicine
    • Mediums – Why Vinegar, Tincture, Infusion or Poultice?
  • Brief Discussion – What have you tried?   How have you benefitted?


Kathryn Lafond, known for her love of the natural world, is devoted to helping us remember that all life is to be revered and that cooking is the act that transforms the sacred plants and animals into nourishment. For over 25 years she has served her community as an Intuitive Energy Healer, health coach, spiritual guide, writer, as well as teacher of Wild Foods and Medicine classes. Author of Seasoned with Gratitude: 250 Recipes & Blessings Celebrating the Greater Nourishment of Real Food, discover more at

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March 15th!– Our March Grafting Event is Coming!!!

Hi There Bainbridge Island Fruit Club Members and Fruit Tree Lovers!
Bainbridge Island Fruit Club Grafting Event!
Thursday, March 15th at  6:30 to 8:30 p.m
Bainbridge Grange Hall (downstairs), 10340 Madison Avenue NE
Mark your calendars for this much anticipated Fruit Tree Grafting event!  This is a really fun learning event!!
As many of you know, this meeting is our Big Grafting Event were we learn how to graft onto our own new fruit trees and/or add to an existing one!
What is grafting?  Grafting is simply inserting a portion of one plant (usually a shoot – called  the *scion) onto another, the ‘host’ so they grow together to make a single plant.  That’s it!  You can ‘graft’ multiple varieties onto a single host tree!!  
In addition to hands on instructions, the Club will have available a large selection of heirloom and modern apple, pear, plum, and cherry *scion wood cuttings and small rootstocks (up to 2 feet long) for grafting.  You can also bring your own bare rooted or potted fruit trees (e.g., Costco specials for example) for grafting your own multi-variety trees! 
There is a small fee for club provided rootstock ($3 to $5 dollars) depending on variety/size, with scion wood free for club members and $1 dollar per cutting for non-members.  Each *scion wood cutting is generally suitable for up to 3 individual grafts.
We will also be holding a plant sale (based on member donations) to help raise funds for the Club. Members are encouraged to bring their extra seeds, vegetable starts, flowers bulbs, berry plants, and fruit trees for sale to other club members or non-members/guests.  
Mason bee tubes will also be available for those aiming to improve their pollination this spring.


We’ll have coffee/tea and snacks to share.  We hope to see you at this truly fun event!
  • Date – Thursday, March 15th
  • Time – 6:30 to 7 p.m., 
  • Location – Downstairs at the Bainbridge Grange Hall, 10340 Madison Avenue NE
—Darren Murphy, Club President is a fantastic hands on teacher with much experience in grafting! His Bio is below—


Darren has been a member of the Western Cascade Fruit Society and Peninsula Fruit Club for nearly 16 years.  He was also a longtime member of the BI 4-H club and Farmers Market.  Two years ago, he helped spearhead the establishment of the Bainbridge Island Fruit Club…with the goal of bringing fruit growing tips to the greater BI and Northern Kitsap area.  Darren has fruit growing in his blood.  His Great Great Grandfather William Shincke discovered a chance mutation in his orchard in the 1890s…that later became known as the “Olympia Apple.”
* Scion— A new shoot or twig (known as a scion or scionwood) is collected in January or February and stored under refrigeration until grafting season.

The Fruit Club will not be meeting in the month of December.

We’ll see you January 16th for our first meeting of the year to learn about ‘Orchard Landscape Planning’ !!

Upcoming Bainbridge Island Fruit Club meetings:

  • 1/18/18 – Orchard/Landscape Planning
  • 2/15/18 – Fruit Tree Pruning (with skill building field trip)
  • 3/15/18 – BI Fruit Club Grafting Workshop

Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the month,
6:30pm – 8:30pm at the
Bainbridge Island Grange