BI Fruit Club March Meeting and Grafting Event

George Washington was mis-quoted! What he really said was that he was grafting his father’s cherry tree. And this month you’ll have a chance to join with our fortuitous founding father and graft your own cherry. Or apple or pear or plum. You get the idea.

The BIFC March meeting is our annual Grafting Event and Plant Sale Extravaganza where you can learn how to graft new varieties onto your fruit trees and build your own fruit-salad orchard. In short, grafting is simply inserting a portion of one plant (usually a shoot – called the scion) onto another, the ‘host’ so they grow together to make a single plant. That’s it! You can graft one type or multiple varieties onto a single host rootstock!!

In addition to hands on instructions, the Club will have available a large selection of heirloom and modern apple, pear, plum, and cherry scion wood cuttings and small rootstocks (up to 2 feet long) for grafting. You can also bring your own bare rooted or potted fruit trees (from Bay Hay, Bainbridge Gardens or even Costco) and design your own multi-variety trees! There is a small fee for club provided rootstock – $5 dollars – and scion wood only $1 dollar per cutting for non-members. If you’re already a member (or join at the meeting) you can save a buck on the rootstock and HALF OFF(!!!) on the scion wood. That’s right, for less than the price of a Grande latte you can be sipping cider for the rest of your life!

As usual we will also have plants for sale with all proceeds going to the Club. If you have extra seeds, vegetable starts, flowers, bulbs, berry plants, and/or fruit trees bring them to sell at the meeting. It will be a big help!

We’ll have coffee/tea and snacks to share. Don’t miss this fun event!

Bainbridge Island Fruit Club February Meeting

When –March 21, 2019, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Where – Bainbridge Island Grange Hall (Downstairs), 10340 Madison Ave NE.

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