August 16th Meeting- Garden Tour at Darren’s!!

• Date: Thursday August 16th
• Time: 6pm-8pm
• Location: 762 Klickitat Place, NE, Bainbridge Island.
Map Link Here

Once every few years we get to see the changes in Darrens’ abundantly-prolific garden. This year is the year!! Though as usual he as plans for us while we are there! 🙂

Darren has potted all the extra apple rootstock from the spring show…so folks will be able to graft a small tree to take home! He also has some potted pear root stock from last year. He is asking folks to pay $5 dollars for the potted rootstock. (He will also have potted Desert King fig and various varieties of grape starts…for those that are interested…also for $5 dollars). These monies go to supplying club speakers and maybe one day an overhead projector! 🙂

In addition, Darren will have cuttings from the various varieties from his orchard…though people can bring their own for grafting too. The cuttings should comprise of this year’s new growth…and include a number of leaf buds (not larger fruit buds). It is the leaf buds that we will be using to graft onto the stems of the potted rootstock.

Here is a description of Darren’s yard — “I have about 40 fruit trees…comprising multi-grafted apples, pears, and plums…as well as various varieties of pears, peaches, grapes, and kiwis. My yard is totally loaded with fruit this year…so folks will be able to see and taste a good selection. Overall, I have easily 200 varieties of fruit…maybe more”.

Attendees are also encourage to bring some fruit samples…for sharing/tasking among the group.

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