August 24th Fruit Club Meeting and Garden Tour

Our August Fruit Club Meeting is definitely going to be a fun one!!

Jim is calling it his “Underground Garden Tour” because he will take us on a tour of his garden with a focus on the importance of soil. …Then Darren will demonstrate how to do summer bud grafting, and to top it all off it’s a potluck!

Here is what Jim says –

Join us on August 24th at 6pm. Email us for directions at: We’ll be digging down to learn how to do a quick soil evaluation, we’ll roam the landscape an see what the plants are telling us about what it is they’re growing in, and how to do a correct soil sample for getting a professional soil test done to see what you’ve got to work with – and what’s missing.

When we’re worn out from slinging all that dirt, our Club President, Darren Murphy, will be demonstrating how to do a summer bud graft on one of the trees to start adding variety to your fruit trees at home without having to add any actual trees!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be having a potluck picnic to celebrate summer. Jim has a grill available if anyone wants to cook anything.
Bring something to share and be ready to learn!

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