Club Meeting March 19!

Due to popular demand we will continue the topic of fruit tree grafting!

The next Bainbridge Island Fruit Club Meeting is March19th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and will be held at the Bainbridge Grange Hall, 10340 Madison Ave., NE

This meeting’s agenda will focus on fruit tree grafting.  As with the last meeting, folks are encouraged to bring bare rooted fruit trees (e.g., Costco specials for example) for grafting to making their own multi-variety trees!!   We will have a large selection of apple, plear, plum, and cherry scion wood for grafting.  There will also be some smaller rootstocks (2 feet long) for doing one variety grafting of apple and maybe pear.  There will probably be a small fee for the rootstock (as it had to be purchased), but all the scion wood is free.

We also want to start implementing a plant donation/sale as a way to raise funds for the clubs.  Members are encouraged to bring their extra flowers, bulbs, fruit trees, etc. to the meeting.  Other attendees can take home…in exchange for whatever $ they want to donate to the club.

This is an all ages, and free meeting with the exception of any rootstock purchases.  Membership opportunities are available.
We hope to see you there!!

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