Time to plant fruit trees!!

This is an excellent ‘how to’ on planting fruit trees from Steve Butler of the Peninsula Fruit Club.

Now is the time to plant fruit trees. Several members asked how you go about it.

I dig a hole 36-48″ around, then down at least 18″. I plant the tree, taking time to unwind the roots and layering them in the soil (roots grow at different levels on the rootstock). I then back fill with the soil that came out of the hole. Now take a hold of the rootstock/tree union and pull upwards, till the union is at least 5-6″ above the soil. Take you hands with fingers facing down and push in the soil around the roots in 4-5 locations around the tree. Now pull in more soil till the hole is filled. No reason this time of the year to make a basin, as it will rain for the next three months. Then stake your new tree using a loose tie. You can make them from bread bags.

The end of May, give your new trees a 1/2 cup of 10-20-20 around the drip line. Next year repeat, but a full cup. Keep grass away from the tree for at least two years.

Pluck any blossoms that appear the first year of planting. Second year after planting you can have 5 fruit or so.

I have planted 100’s of trees this way and been very successful.

Costco has some great trees from Willow Drive Nursery this year for a great price.

Enjoy, Steve Butler

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