Next 3 meeting topics

The next 3 meeting topics will be:

  • February (2/19/15)—Scion Wood Preparation
    For our next meeting, The Seattle Tree Fruit Society or STFS (another WCFC chapter like the BIFC) will be doing a scion wood preparation and labeling workshop for our club.
    Lori Brakken and Laure Jansen (STFS members) have been doing a “traveling” scion wood project for 2 years…with the intent to share and collect scion wood from the various chapters. Laure Jansen will be doing the workshop for us.
    The STFS has purchased a machine to help with the labeling of individual scion wood cuttings.  Lori/Laure also will be discussing alternatives for sealing the ends of scion wood so the cuttings don’t dry out.
    Overall, BIFC members are encouraged to bring their scion wood cuttings to the February meeting.  This can be cuttings from apple, pear, plum, peach, and cherry (normally about 9 inches long and about ¼ inch wide…in other words, about the size/shape of a long pencil).  Members can also bring cuttings of figs and grapes…although the latter should be 12-18 inches if possible.
  • March Meeting (3/19/15)—UPDATE & CHANGE  The Meeting topic is now Grafting.  See updated post on March 8th 2015.
  • Pest Controls—Speaker TBD

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