Welcome to Bainbridge Island Fruit Club

The Newest Chapter Under the Western Cascade Fruit Society.

The BI Fruit Club was recently established and voted into the WCFS on September 13, 2014. We are now in the process of enrolling new members and developing an agenda for future speakers, field trips, and workshops.

The WCFSwas founded in 1980 and is made up of chapters throughout Western Washington whose members are aspiring hobby orchardists and backyard fruit growers. Our primary objective is to bring together new and experienced fruit growers who will promote the science, cultivation and pleasure of growing fruit bearing trees, vines and plants in the home landscape. Local chapters disseminate information through education, fruit shows, orchard tours, meetings, workshops, and publications.

As a non-profit organization WCFS is the parent organization to eight affiliated chapters. WCFS publishes a quarterly BeeLine newsletter to inform members of events, tours, articles, and reports. Members receive automatic membership in WCFS after joining an affiliated Chapter. Membership in the WCFS is through its individual chapters. See Chapters page for information on the chapter nearest your location.

3 responses to “Home

  1. Hello – I have ten apple and pear trees that I need to prune and need some instruction. I got your name from Friends of the Farms. Is there anyone who might give me an on the spot lesson?
    Dave Shorett


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